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A big part of the service we offer at BATSIntl Packaging is the fact that, when required, we design bespoke packaging solutions for our clients.The design team at BATSIntl Packaging have many decades of experience in designing packaging for a vast range of products & industry sectors and work hard to keep up with the latest developments in the industry.

We always ensure that we offer businesses the best design solution to suit their individual
needs and budget.

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Businesses are very different, and we work with many different sectors, catering to different business needs, requirements and budgets. It is for this reason that we are equally flexible when it comes to the packaging design services we offer.

For example, as well as offering a full end-to-end packaging design, development and manufacturing service (which our clients love as they can leave everything to us), we also offer a standalone packaging design service.

One of our recent clients, a well-known oak furniture retailer, required our design expertise. But they also wanted to get the design developed at their Chinese manufacturing facility. We were able to meet that need perfectly; resulting in a happy client and a great bespoke packaging design.

As well as our excellent designs, we also offer a design and sampling service that is completely free.This is so that our customers can get a feel for what we offer before they commit.

More than just Boxes

From boxes to award-winning, interactive displays, there’s no limit to what we can do.

Contact us today and let us tell you how we’re different.


One size does not fit all. Whether it be cartons, wrapping or packaging machines.

And that's good. And that's why we ask questions.

We've been packaging for over 20 years, and our team of technicians, buyers, logisticians, designers, sales and customer service agents will ensure the right packaging fit for you.

Our service includes a free on-site packaging audit where your methods are analysed. Best practice processes, materials and machinery will then be proposed, to help you reduce costs and increase productivity.


We'll always try to go the extra mile for you. We know that packaging keeps the cogs of your business turning.

We make daily deliveries throughout the world. We know where your delivery is, and we'll let you know when it'll be with you.

Making it easy to do business!


We're ready when you need us. We have over 50,000 sq ft of warehousing and possibly the highest stockholding of packaging materials in the region.

Or leave your stock management in our hands. We'll hold up to three months stock of bespoke packaging for you, or ask us about our vendor managed inventory solution.


It all starts with an idea. For a package shape, product fit, process change, brand print or just a blue sky thought!

We can help shape your concept from development through to testing, printing and samples. For a fresh look at packaging, just ask.

Packaging solutions

We think big...and small. From global sourcing of innovative technology, to enhancements of existing products, we deliver solutions.

We have innovative and market-leading packaging products and systems that deliver real commercial, ergonomic and environmental benefits.

With well thought through packaging ideas, we deliver clever solutions...

Everything packaging. That'swhat we do.

Making your packaging life easier.

Complete Packaging Solutions

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We're boxing clever when it comes to cartons.

Our extensive range of cardboard boxes meets all business requirements.

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